26 As a stranger’s fingerprint was found in the crime scene, Miss Smith’s death was considered a ____(C)____and the police now have to find out who killed her.

(A) patricide(B) pesticide (C) homicide(D)herbicide


(A)弒父 (B)殺蟲劑 (C)謀殺案 (D)除草劑

27 Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was _____(D)_____to death penalty for killing three and injuring 264 people. However, he wouldn’t be executed anytime soon. (A) judged(B) prisoned (C) criticized(D) sentenced

在波士頓馬拉松大賽的炸彈客 Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ,因造成3人死亡,且造成264位民眾受傷,因而_________死刑。然而在短時間內,他不會因此而被處決。

(A)判斷為 (B)被監禁 (C)被批評 (D)被判處

28 The police must convince the judge that a crime has been committed in order to obtain a _____(C)____to search the suspect’s house or arrest the suspect.

(A) wiretap(B) witness (C) warrant(D) weapon


(A)竊聽器 (B)目擊者 (C)搜查令 (D)武器

29 The talented young chess player _____(B)_____laid himself open to attack, made himself look vulnerable and then checkmated his opponent when least expected.

(A) deficiently(B) deliberately (C) imprudently(D) implicationally


(A)有缺陷的 (B)故意地 (C)輕率的 (D)含蓄的

30 Having been _____(D)____for more than ten hours and asked the same questions repeatedly, the suspect finally confessed that he murdered the two people.

(A) arrogated(B) convicted (C) confronted(D) interrogated


(A)霸占 (B)宣判…有罪 (C)遭遇 (D)審問

31 Non-profit organizations that advocate for the rights of children, primarily in the _____(A)____justice and child welfare systems, are commonly found in Western countries.

(A) juvenile(B) immature (C) undeveloped(D) disadvantaged


(A)青少年的 (B)不成熟的 (C)不發達的 (D)弱勢的

32 Every city has a/an _____(C)____telephone number for people to ask immediate helps from the police department. In the US, people call 911, here in Taiwan the number people dial in that case is 110.

(A) insurance(B) rescue (C) emergency(D) disaster


(A)保險 (B)解救 (C)緊急事件 (D)災害

33 You have the right to ____(C)___silent. If you do say anything, what you say can be used against you in a court of law.

(A) stand(B) say (C) remain(D) promise


(A)忍受 (B)說 (C)保持 (D)承諾

34 If you are arrested or detained by the police, you have the right to retain _____(B)____.

(A) coroner(B) counsel (C) cousin(D) corporal






To retain counsel(聘請律師)為固定用法。

35 Sir, thanks for your calling. An officer in the neighborhood will be _____(A)____to your home as soon as possible.

(A) dispatched(B) dispersed (C) distributed(D) dissembled


(A)派遣 (B)解散 (C)分配 (D)掩蓋

36 As a police officer, it is my duty to _____(D)____the law courteously and appropriately without fear or favor.

(A) refine(B) defeat (C) employ(D) enforce


(A)提煉 (B)打敗 (C)僱用 (D)執行

37 Excuse me, Sir. You were speeding, and here is your _____(A)____.

(A) ticket(B) fine (C) notice(D) warrant


(A)罰單 (B)罰金 (C)注意事項 (D)搜查令

38 Police ____(B)_____the brothel, and arrested 10 people for prostitution, including two juveniles.

(A) permitted(B) raided (C) demoted(D) washed


(A)允許 (B)突襲 (C)使…降級 (D)洗

39 Riot police may be employed to _____(C)____or control crowd.

(A) dissemble(B) disport (C) disperse(D) dispread


(A)掩蓋 (B)嬉戲 (C)解散 (D)向四方展開

40 The new committee decided to put more officers on the street to _____(A)____high crime areas.

(A) patrol(B) park (C) parole(D) probate


(A)巡邏 (B)停車 (C)假釋 (D)驗證遺囑的合法性

41 In a democratic society, those who are charged with a criminal offence shall be presumed _____(C)____until proven guilty.

(A) naive(B) nothing (C) innocent(D) incorrect


(A)天真的 (B)沒什麼 (C)無辜的 (D)不正確的

42 Peter spent 20 years in and out of the drug rehabilitation centers only to find himself relapsing into drug _____(B)____over and over again.

(A) addition(B) addiction (C) adjustment(D) admission


(A)添加 (B)成癮 (C)調整 (D)承認

43 The police officer must have hard evidence at hand to believe that the arrestee has ____(B)_____a crime.

(A) conducted(B) committed (C) consumed(D) concluded


(A)執行 (B)犯 (C)消耗 (D)下…結論

44 Stop! You are ____(D)____arrest. (A) down(B) below (C) over(D) under


(A)(無此用法) (B)(無此用法) (C)(無此用法) (D)被

45 Chen You-hau is a ____(D)____person of Taiwan for economy crimes. He is at large abroad. (A) running(B) escaped (C) missing(D) wanted

Chen You-hau 是個在台灣犯下經濟罪行的_________犯,他在國外逍遙法外。

(A)運作中的 (B)逃離 (C)錯過 (D)通緝

請依下文回答第 46 題至第 50 題:

On April 17, 2011, Helen Lander was found dead in her home. The medical examiner Dr. Robertson originally declared the death an accident. After an anonymous letter and belief from former medical examiner Meryn Jumble that Helen’s death was a murder, the case was reopened.

Helen’s husband, Mr. Richard Lander, was indicted on charges of murder and tampering with evidence. However, Lander had a solid alibi. His daughter, the sole eyewitness, claimed that the door to the bathroom was shut, and when Lander heard no response from his wife, he opened the door and found his wife, and then he moved her to the bedroom to lay her on a more comfortable floor. Besides, the prosecution failed to come up with a murder weapon and motive at beginning.

Later in the trial, an alleged murder weapon was brought forth, the shower bench. But Lander’s defense team called upon many witnesses to testify for Mr. Lander. One of them was Tracy Williams, a personal trainer, who said Helen Lander had dizziness, which would explain why she fell in the shower.

The possibility that Lander was innocent was quickly disputed by the facts that District Attorney Will Thompson displayed. From the opening statements of the trial, the prosecution stressed the idea that, in view of the rigor mortis, i.e., the stiffening of the limbs after death, Helen Lander had been dead for hours before her daughter called the police. The rigor mortis, which would not happen in twenty minutes, contradicted Lander’s alibi that he moved his wife’s body from the bathroom where he claimed that she fell to the bedroom almost 60 feet away. Lander’s movement of the body also became more noted when the prosecution began to investigate blood spatter around the bedroom. There was blood spatter at the scene on a bedside lampshade, a slanted wall and water bottles next to the bed. This blood spatter indicated to Rose Green, a forensic scientist, that the injuries occurred while at the bedside, not the shower as Mr. Lander had claimed.

After a two-week-long trial, Mr. Lander was found guilty of second-degree murder in killing his wife. He was also convicted of tampering with evidence in his attempt to cover up the crime.






46 Where was Helen Lander killed? (A)

(A) In the bedroom.

(B) In the basement.

(C) In the bathroom.

(D) In the living room.






47 Which is the most important evidence for Mr. Lander’s prosecution? (C)

(A) Blood stains were found in the bathroom.

(B) Helen’s personal trainer testified against him.

(C) Helen’s death time wasn’t what Lander claimed to be.

(D) The shower bench was found to be the murder weapon.






48 Why didn’t Mr. Lander have a solid alibi? (B)

(A) The text message left by Helen was contradictory with his testimony.

(B) The time his daughter was with him was not Helen’s death time.

(C) An anonymous letter pointed out the invalidity of his alibi.

(D) A mysterious woman witnessed the murder.






49 What are the charges against Richard Lander? (C)

(A) Murdering his wife and injuring his daughter

(B) Helping his wife committing suicide and hiding the murder weapon

(C) Murdering his wife and altering the evidence

(D) Hiding the murder weapon and deceiving the police






50 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true? (D)

(A) The murder weapon was not found.

(B) There were several eyewitnesses to the murder.

(C) Helen Lander fell in the shower because of dizziness.

(D) The motive of the murder is not mentioned in the passage.